Cut scenes

There are two general guidelines for cut scenes that every game designer should abide by:

  1. Allow the player to skip every cut scene. (Exceptions could perhaps be made for the very first time a player views the cut scene.) Having to sit through a two minute cut scene every time you die to a boss is frustrating and easily avoidable.
  2. Save or check points do not belong immediately before a cut scene. When I load up a saved game, I want to start playing, not start watching a cut scene. If I am fighting a boss, I don’t want to watch the same cut scene over and over when I inevitably die.

I also have some other suggestions (“Hire translators who speak both Japanese and English,” or “Cut scenes should stay consistent with the game world.”) but following these two general rules would make cut scenes immensely better.

Additionally, there should be a way to go back and view cut scenes that have already been seen in the game. This is not really a gameplay issue though.

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